1. high-principled, respectable, reputable, ethical, moral, uncorrupt; straightforward, aboveboard, disinterested, dispassionate, truthful, candid; dignified, distinguished, distingue, impressive, imposing; honorable, venerable, revered; noted, eminent, famous, well-known, celebrated, esteemed.
2. elegant, high-class, Sl. classy, Sl. tony; suave, urbane, sophisticated, cosmopolitan.
3. affected, insincere, unnatural; assumed, adopted, put on; empty, hollow, shallow; pretentious, ostentatious, high-flown, Inf. high-hat, Inf. highfalutin; mannered, studied, Inf. la-di-da, Inf. too-too.

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  • high-toned — high′ toned′ or high′ tone′ adj. 1) having high principles; dignified 2) having or aspiring to good taste, high standards, or refinement: a high toned literary review[/ex] 3) affectedly stylish or genteel • Etymology: 1770–80 …   From formal English to slang

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